Fashion students take inspiration from Braemar Castle

Twenty first year Fashion and Textile students from Gray’s School of Art
at Robert Gordon University have been working with a team from Braemar Castle, to create a unique sustainable fashion collection. The collection was unveiled during the Gray’s Fashion Show at Aberdeen Art Gallery on Friday 5 May.

The first years focussed on sustainable garments related to the castle’s rich heritage and history. The students deconstructed and reconstructed garments from RGU’s Kaim Co-operative, a second-hand shop run by RGU’s Go Green Society. All the creations had to be wearable and the material repurposed had to be made use of in the new garment. 

Angus Lallah, a first-year student explained, ‘For my project, I set about repurposing a kid’s raincoat and a slip dress. I used materials from the jacket to create rigid structures, much like the ones seen in the castle. I combined them with drapes and pleats commonly found in Jacobite Dress. I wanted to work with pieces of clothing as they are rather than cut away and waste them. I was able to use all 59 pieces of my second-hand clothing to create my Braemar Castle Garment.’

Fashion and Textile student, Kimberley Duval, added, ‘The Braemar Castle Project is exciting and very challenging in the best possible way. I especially appreciated the zero-waste component, it made me appreciate my materials
in a whole new way and I plan to incorporate that sustainability into my future work.’

The students’ designs will be on show in the castle when it reopens this summer. Find out more at and 

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