A family affair

Together they are The Fused Box and can be found exhibiting at craft fayres across the city and shire…

‘We have a love of fused glass, paper and fabric, although we will have a go at anything. Our hobbies basically took over our homes and this resulted in the Fused Box. A fusion of different crafts creating unique and individual items for the home,’ Jane explained.

‘Christine, our mum, is retired and specialises in fused glass while the rest of us are constantly playing around with different creative media and crafts. Some of us favour fabric and vinyl, others love paper and more intricate work. We’re always looking for new ways to be creative and learn new skills. Everything we do is self-taught, learning by trial and error and using different mediums to pull together the end product we envisage. 

‘We’ve always been a creative family. Mum was always being creative around us with how she decorated the home or made things for us and naturally we all got involved. We used to have days when we would all get together to have a crack at something new. Glass was something which interested mum and she read and watched videos on processes, bought a kiln and now has studio in the garden.  Even our dad gets involved in the process now, creating all the stands in wood for her glass work.

‘Anything might inspire us – from something we’ve spotted in a magazine to the possibilities offered by a material. We make home décor which is modern and something we would want in our own homes. If we don’t like it we don’t make it!  We tend to work on things individually in the mediums we favour then bring that item to the group for feedback and ideas for improvements. 

‘A lot of our products are Christmas-related and that’s why we tend to focus on events in the final quarter of the year. All of us love that cosy, sparkly feeling of Christmas. We also love to ensure there are items mixed in there for all year round home décor which is where a lot of the glass art really works well. 

‘People love our glass trees and Christmas cushions. Each year we like to put a twist on our items and it’s always great to see familiar faces adding to their collections. 

‘We currently only go to Craft Fayres but as long as they will have us you will always see us at the Trend Christmas Market as its one of our firm favourites. We tend to post on Instagram when we have an event but definitely come out more in the festive season.

‘For us this has always been about enjoying ourselves, about having the opportunities to meet people who enjoy making things as much as us (and quite often buying items from them!) and people who like our items and want them in their homes.

Find out more at Facebook: TheFusedBox

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