The joys of being a child include the freedom to play, eating sweets for breakfast, enjoying yourself without restraint, bouncing off walls and having indulgent relatives. One of the joys of being a grown up is that you can now do all the things you would have derided as a moody teen and have enormous fun without being remotely ironic. This is what makes the North-east’s two new trampoline parks a joy for everyone from four to eighty four. It’s silly, energetic fun for the entire family.

If you think a backyard trampoline is entertaining, imaging how this scales up when you factor in an enormous industrial building filled with thousands of square feet of wall-to-wall trampolines. There are long runways of mats where you can showcase your inner gymnast, giant inflatables you can springboard yourself into. There are even bells and whistles – the kind that you set off if you can jump high enough to reach them. You can also try fighting with giant foam gladiator-style paddle sticks over obstacle courses that leave you dangling precariously over giant foam pits. It may be the only opportunity you get to thump an eight year old and make it look like good parenting! Rarely have we seen so many people, of all ages, having so much fun.

Aberdeenshire has been blessed with new two trampoline parks -Jump In Trampoline Arena ( on Craigshaw Road in Tullos and Skyline Trampoline Park ( in Inverurie. Both are guaranteed to blow your mind and exhaust your children. Though why should they have all the fun?  Book yourself in for an open session, take an instructor-led fitness class, book a birthday party or sign up for a disco session. It’d make a great night out with friends of colleagues. Now where did we leave our legwarmers?

©Marc de Groot

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