No matter how big our homes are, it seems we could all do with a bit more room, whether it’s for a new addition to the family, a granny flat, a room to spend more time together or even a place to escape from everyone else for some peace and quiet!

Until recently, your options for more space at home were limited; either move to a larger property, or build an extension. Award-winning local firm DabDen offer another route which involves far less time and stress than either of these. You may not even require planning permission so, why not consider one of the new generation of Dab Dens or Dab Extensions? You can customise your new space, making it perfect for a home office, hobby space, home gym, teenage hangout or even a swimming pool house, and it’s considerably more cost effective than
a traditional extension.

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DabDen currently offer two products, the stand-alone Dab Den garden studios, and the Dab Extensions, and at the start of next year they will be launching their new product the  Dab Dwelling, a contemporary home. Each of their products combines the best in modern architecture with high performance building materials and delivers it in a concept to completion design and build package which makes the process smoother and reduces waste so you get the optimum design for your money.

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