Most of us think of a garden as a place to enjoy during the summer months and for a large part of the year we nearly forget about it.

It may seem greedy but I want to enjoy my garden at night and in winter as much as I do during the day and in summer, and many of my clients feel the same way so in response I have designed and created gardens to be enjoyed all year round, day and night.

By using responsible and relatively inexpensive L.E.D lighting you can transform your outdoor space, creating mood and atmosphere, bringing life to an otherwise dead space.

Other than just creating the feeling of an outdoor living space, a night garden offers wonderful patterns, shapes, textures and colours that are very different from the daytime garden. In the winter, by creating a flow of low level light in borders and up-lighting certain features you can create interest and a comforting glow to replace the stark darkness of the long winter months.

To achieve this, try uplighters, such as garden spike lights that can be used to create a low level light in borders, to cross graze features such as statuary/sculpture or uplight small trees and interesting shrubs. Larger L.E.D box lights can be used to uplight larger trees and structures such as the walls of buildings whereas sculpture or feature lighting can make a statement. Walk over or recessed lighting can highlight steps and walkways and then there is  under-seat strip lighting, rope lighting, Christmas lights……the options are endless!

All of this can be put onto a simple photo cell and timer with an override switch which means that once the timer is set you can simply forget about it; the lighting comes on at dusk and goes off at the programmed time, or you can turn the whole lot off with the flick of a switch when it suits.

There are more sophisticated systems that can be controlled from your iPad too.  It’s worth making contact with a good lighting company for more complex systems.  Whatever you do always make sure you consult a qualified electrician before undertaking any electrical works around the home….unless the lighting is solar of course. In my opinion solar lighting hasn’t been of a very good quality in the past but it is improving and there are quite a few sophisticated systems out there worth checking out.

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