If there’s one thing that makes a great hotel, it’s excellent customer service. In a competitive job market, many hotels suffer from high levels of staff turnover or inexperienced management teams. That’s where Diana MacKenzie of KMG Management’s vast expertise can make the difference between an average hotel and a truly great one.


‘I started working as a waitress just before I turned sixteen and over the years, I worked my way up through various roles until I took a series of General Manager positions in Aberdeen and beyond,’ Diana noted.

‘I soon found my passion was helping to turn round team and individual performance, easing new management into their roles or providing interim general management. So I started my own consultancy company providing bespoke advice for hotel owners, hospitality training, on the job training, troubleshooting and help for general managers.

‘Hotels are in my blood’, Diana continued, ‘I believe in quality, service and standards – the customer’s experience is of paramount importance, even more so in the age
of social media. I love seeing people and businesses blossom’.

When only the best customer service is acceptable, KMG Management is the proven choice.

Tel: 07711 210410

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