The definition of art is : ‘The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily or their beauty or emotional power’ and it belongs in the garden as much as it does anywhere else.

In the same way that we adorn our living space with sculptures, paintings etc., art has a place in the garden too and it doesn’t have to be predictable.

The secret is not to be daunted, allow it to be what you want it to be whether the subject is serious or humorous, it will have its place. It doesn’t have to be sculpture either, it can be an arch positioned in the right place to create interest and intrigue or a planter filled with beautiful plants, a water feature or topiary and of course, it can be sculpture or statues too.

One of my clients has a passion for art in the garden. In talking with them on this subject, they outlined that they don’t spend hours labouring over which piece goes where nor do they necessarily buy a piece for a specific location in the garden. Instead they buy what they love or makes them smile and then position it where they can see it or it feels most natural.

I think the message is, if you simply enjoy whatever it is you choose, you will probably find others do too.

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