ROC Clinics’ CEO Dr Cristina Romete says the clinic is planning for the launch later this year of a State of Art Diagnostic Centre and Secondary Care consulting and assessment suites.

Having been nominated herself as one of Top UK Doctors by Spears500 in 2017,2018 and 2020, ROC Clinic reflects her ethos – clinical excellence and personalised healthcare within 5 star clinical surroundings.     

The clinic’s approach is integrative. Whether it is gut health, chest concerns, pregnancy or sexual health – our doctors are highly trained and put the latest concepts and available tests into practice. Whatever you may be concerned about we will be able to help.

Fatigue Management
Back to Gut!

Having explored conventional approaches for many years with poor patient engagement, the clinic is taking a more integrative approach to fatigue management and explores gut health, gut microbiome and nutritional deficiencies as a possible solution for those who suffer.

‘All Disease begins in Gut’, Hippocrates said, and he may have been right. The gut is a major centre for hormonal, immune and neuro-transmitters and at the core of our lives.    
Erectile Dysfunction
A 21st Century Solution

Erectile Dysfunction is a common worldwide condition and shares many of its risk factors with cardiovascular disease. If you tried pills and they stopped working, or you simply wish to be assessed, you may see a doctor at a time that suits to discuss your condition and treatment options. We have available a 5-day low intensity shockwave treatment that restores penile blood flow and aims to restore sexual function for a healthy life.

Prostate Assessments
The best of PSA Tests

Over the past 10 years and more, evidence has come out to suggest that different fractions of the PSA are important when interpreting the result. Unfortunately, this breakdown of the PSA is not available freely on the NHS or at many private clinics. Here at ROC, we have undertaken this analysis for the past 10 years. Certain fractions of the PSA suggest that is more likely you may have cancer and further tests may be recommended. These fractions can be abnormal even with a normal total PSA.

Hormonal Assessments
The Personalised Approach

Whether it is bespoke menopause consultations or testosterone deficiency assessments in men, or concerns about your thyroid or gut hormones, our clinicians are best placed to assess your symptoms, carry out any investigations as necessary and manage your condition. Testosterone deficiency is an under recognized and underdiagnosed condition in men and may be at the centre of sexual dysfunction, fatigue and brain fog.

Mole Mapping and Dermatology Consultations

For those with many moles or prior history of skin cancer, an annual mole mapping is recommended. Our specialist will examine your skin with a dermoscope and keep photographic evidence of how your moles progress.

Equally if you are concerned about skin cancer, skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, spots or acne, or need removal  of any skin lesions, you will be seen and managed promptly.

Paediatric Allergy Clinic
The only private specialist clinic in NE Scotland

It is well recognised that there is a lack of paediatric consultant specialists in Scotland. ROC Clinic brings to Westhill a regular specialist paediatric allergy clinic, run by Dr Gillian Vance, Consultant Paediatrician Specialist in Allergology and Immunology, Head of Tertiary Referral Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne. Assessments may last up to 2 hours, and your child may have skin prick testing and blood tests at the same time. Dr Vance runs her clinic with an allergy nurse specialist, and children as young as 3 months old may be seen.

Well Woman Checks
Fertility Checks, Cancer Checks

Our most popular health checks are at an affordable price and include full history and examination, comprehensive blood tests, smear and / or HPV testing and gynaecological examination and scans. Get the peace of mind of being healthy today!

These may be purchased for you or as a present for a loved one.   

Mental Health
Personalised assessments with Top Consultant

Feeling worried, low, cannot sleep and wish to see someone? Our consultant Psychiatrist Dr Olga Runcie is available weekly and a referral may not be necessary. Dr Runcie consults all mental health problems including Adult ADHD. When she isn’t available,   our GP team is there to do an urgent assessment and advise what’s needed.

Westhill Business Park
Peregrine Road, Westhill AB32 6JL
Tel: 01224 515254

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