Yup, New Year is the time for making resolutions about being a better, kinder and fitter person. Whether you want to improve your exercise regime or your attitude, we’ve got a book for you…

You are a Badass is Jen Sincero’s take no prisoners self-help book. Subtitled How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life, it’s the perfect choice if the only thing holding you back is you! There are 27 short chapters, filled with amusing yet valuable advice and apt quotes from everyone from Lao Tzu to Kurt Cobain. Start it and by the time you reach the end you should be the Demigod of Badassery. It could be the best tenner you spend all year!

If you can’t decide on an exercise class, then Fusion Workouts by Helen Vanderburg may be the way to go. It’s a combination of pilates, yoga and ballet moves that promise rapid toning and reshaping results as well as better posture, core muscles and more zest for life. It’ll get you started if you’re not quite ready to tackle the gym yet. Amazon £17.42.

Candace Moore’s Namaslay invites you to Rock your Yoga practice, Tap into your Greatness and Defy your Limits. It’s American, but full of useful advice and well annotated images once you get past the supermodel in a bikini on the sand shots of the author, where she’s doing the splits while in a headstand. Candace has been running a popular yoga blog for a couple of years and some of her personal struggles will put your own ups and downs into perspective. There are good chapters on meditation and suggested sequences of poses making it ideal for anyone who wants to master yoga without going to classes. Available from bookshops or Amazon for around £21.

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