Vicky Speirs started her working life as a maths teacher, before retraining as an oil industry accountant. At sixty five, she’s now combining her role as a financial analyst with a new career as an artist…

‘There are two driving principles in my life. Firstly, hard work never killed anyone and secondly, always give everything your best shot.  I’ve always practiced art as a hobby – that and going to the gym every day have kept me sane – so when I found myself at the end of a long relationship, I retrieved a marketing postcard from the Open College of the Arts from my wastepaper bin and decided to start their BA degree course in Painting. 

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‘I have a solo show called Tightrope at Seventeen on Belmont Street from August 5th to 26th. Unlike many artists, I don’t work in a particularly identifiable style. I’m always thinking of new ideas and ways of expressing them.  Lately, I’ve been exploring Mokuhanga, a Japanese wood block printing technique. I may go to Japan and learn from the masters, if the mood takes me. 

For me, art is a language. I might start with a seed of an idea I want to communicate and how best to express this –  large format acrylic pieces on canvas or small detailed works maybe using collage – or even a mixture.   With the Tightrope show, it unfolds from the darker emotions to healing and light. There’s a curated soundscape to accompany the works and Laura Booth, a young dancer will be interpreting some of the works for the opening night.

‘As well as the show, I accept commissions and pieces can be purchased through my website or by contacting me directly.’

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