The charity working to make life better for everyone affected by urological cancer in the North of Scotland

UCAN was formed in June 2005 to raise awareness of the five urological cancers namely prostate, testicular, penile, bladder and kidney cancer, as well as supporting urological cancer patients and their families. We are a small charity with minimal outgoings thanks to support from NHS and Aberdeen University.  

More than 5,000 people are referred every year to hospital in the North-east of Scotland with a suspected urological cancer. Three out of the five urological cancers affect men only and are often considered a bit of a taboo subject. UCAN are working to get rid of the stigma surrounding urological cancers.

Over the past 20 years, the charity has established the UCAN Centre, brought the first robotic system to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, purchased a MRI Fusion scanner and continues to increase the number of specialist nurses within the urology department. We give regular awareness talks and use social media to connect to a wider audience.

UCAN’s next goal is to set up a Rapid Diagnostic Centre at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. This way, we can see more patients with symptoms of a suspected urological cancer more quickly and provide quicker multiple scans or diagnostic procedures during a single hospital visit. Reducing the time to diagnosis improves treatment outcomes and reduces anxiety. The Rapid Diagnostic Centre will double the current capacity for urological services at ARI.

There are lots of ways you can help realise this goal. Companies can adopt UCAN as their charity of the year, or event organisers could consider UCAN as their charity beneficiary. We’re always happy for donations on our Justgiving page, via the QR code below

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Or contact Gayle Stephen by email at or by phone on 01224 557950.

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