Innovation is key to success in most businesses and none more so than in the world of magic.

For Aberdeen-based magic company Fifth Dimension, creativity is at the heart of what they do. Whether it’s creating new routines and effects; delivering their world-renowned safety magic presentations or unique team development workshops to corporate clients around the world; topping the bill in Las Vegas or at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood L.A. with their cutting edge magical entertainment, Ivor Smith and Jeff Burns of Fifth Dimension are continually developing new magical ideas.

Ivor said, ‘With a large number of repeat bookings from clients we need to be able to offer new and exciting ideas on a regular basis. The latest offering in our portfolio of entertainment services is called The Magician’s Table.

‘The idea came from the unique dining experience that is offered at the Chef’s table in a restaurant. As lovers of fine dining Jeff and I wanted to take that idea and create a unique magical experience that would leave a lasting impression on the audience.’

Jeff continued, ‘The Magician’s Table does just that. Retaining the intimacy of close-up magic with the audience seated around the magician’s table we present a show that, like an exquisite tasting menu at the Chef’s Table is individually tailored to the audience. It’s designed to be an exclusive event that is ideal for corporate hospitality events, family celebrations, small dinner parties, hospitality lounges, receptions and house parties. In fact any event where someone wants to give a small group of people an unforgettable experience.’

‘If you want to be entertained and astonished you must go to one of Fifth Dimension’s shows.’ – Uri Geller

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