Where craftmanship meets design technology

As a bespoke jeweller with almost forty years’ experience, Sandy Menzies is renowned for his creativity and craftsmanship. What’s perhaps more surprising is his adoption of the latest design technologies in the creation of his stunning pieces.

‘I now work almost entirely digitally creating 3D renders on screen to give my customers a “virtual photograph” of their finished design in four different views and even 360o animations. You can see recent work on our website. 

‘Once my client is happy with the final design, the CAD file is then sent to my caster to be 3D printed in wax resin then cast in the metal of choice using the lost wax casting method.

‘The software makes it much easier to visualise a design and how it will look in real life. It’s also simple to make changes. Drawings are useful, but many people can’t translate from two dimensions into three. My approach makes it easy to see what you like and make instant tweaks, or
alternative versions. 

‘The other advantage that CAD offers is that it’s possible to create designs that would be almost impossible to achieve if we worked directly with the metal or even a wax model. Everything is more precise, everything is custom-made. 

‘Often, we can reuse stones from heirloom pieces to create something that’s created to the client’s own taste. So many people have jewellery they’ve inherited, or no longer wear, just sitting around in a drawer. You can give a new life to those pieces. We even give full scrap value against precious metals that the customer supplies. Indeed, I’ve done several jobs where the client not only got a new bespoke piece of jewellery but also got money back!

Tel: 0788 9503337
Email: sandy@sandymenziesjewellery.co.uk

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