Chill out

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If your social calendar looks depressingly empty, then make the most of the chance to stay in and slob out. It’s all about cosying up and getting cooried down till spring. Go for fake fur, sheepskin, blankets and throws. Nest amongst the cushions. Velvet provides a sensuous edge, while tassels, pompoms and trims make it look like a style statement rather than a forced exile from the bedroom to the couch. 

If your home really is your castle, then this look is best accessorised with a roaring fire, a good book and a couple of Irish Wolfhounds curled up beside you. Alternatively, settle in with your favourite feel-good box set, a mug of hot chocolate, a huge jumper worn over pyjama bottoms, cosy socks and the pet or partner of your choice. Bliss…

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