Home office

One good thing to have come out of the current health crisis, is that many more people have discovered that it’s perfectly possible to work productively from home. Going into the office is so 2019!

If you’re able to work from home, or if you’re thinking of setting up your own new business, then getting a working setup that works for you is vital. We asked Kat Byers from Dabden, the Aberdeenshire designer and
builders of home offices, garden rooms and homes, for her advice.

‘As someone who works from home herself, I know it’s best to have a designated work space. If possible, this should be separate from day to day family life. When you go into your own space, it helps you focus, and get on with what needs to be done, but also so at the end of the day you can close the door and shut off. Obviously I’m an advocate of the garden office, which gives you an inspiring work space of your own.

‘Think about natural light first. It creates a pleasant environment that you enjoy going into, and being in. We often design our home office garden rooms with floor to ceiling fixed windows for a view out over the garden, then place the desk perpendicular to the window. This avoids glare and means you’re not starting at a blank wall. 

‘Alternatively, you may have a box-room or spare bedroom that can be used, or a dining room that only gets used at Christmas. Even a corner of a quiet room can work as long as it feels like a separate space. You don’t necessarily need a lot of space with most things being online these days, so other than your laptop or computer and a decent Wi-Fi connection, you might only need a desk, some storage so you can avoid clutter, the odd piece of art and a really comfortable chair’. 

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