Finnies launch exciting new partnership with Swiss made DOXA watches

DOXA first started producing timepieces in 1889, in the small town of Le Locle, in the heart of the Jura Mountains, Switzerland’s cradle of watchmaking. 

The name ‘DOXA’ is the Greek word for glory. Over time, it has come to signify the splendour of watches with a reputation for value, quality, and exceptional craft.

In 1908, DOXA filed a patent for the ‘8-Day DOXA Caliber’. It was so impressive that Bugatti adopted it as standard equipment for all their racing cars. It then became an industry standard, and other automotive, nautical and aviation brands promptly began to feature a DOXA.

1967 is where the story of the modern-day DOXA begins. 

DOXA’s drive for innovation, precision and durability led to the purpose-designed, professional-grade DOXA SUB dive watch being born, developed with legendary diver Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

The SUB 300 was a breakthrough for the watch industry and the professional diving community. It featured a patented ‘No-Decompression’ bezel, requested specifically by Jacques Cousteau and was the first commercially available diving watch and the first to use the (now iconic) orange dial. 

Next came the SUB 300T, which was the first-ever watch to feature the new technology of a Helium Release Valve. These radical innovations made DOXA watches the benchmark for military and professional divers, even to this day.

Matthew Finnie, Director of Finnies, commented, “We are delighted to be working with DOXA, the watches are already getting a lot of interest from our customers. The designs are fantastic and are an amazing addition to our range of watches”.

Fast forward 50 years to 2019, DOXA celebrated not only the 130th anniversary of the brand but also their re-establishment in the watch industry. 

DOXA announced the re-release of many of their iconic Diving watches from the past, including the SUB 300, SUB 300T and the SUB 1500T, all released in the bright and exciting DOXA colours. 

They also released the new SUB 200, a professional diving watch with a Swiss automatic movement and a box sapphire crystal and bezel for under £1,000. Arguably one of the best value Swiss Diving Watches available today.

Since 2019, DOXA has gone from strength to strength. Their watches are gaining a large (and growing) fanbase throughout the UK and beyond. 

Their commitment to the brand’s DNA and heritage has seen them receive substantial press and blog coverage both online and in print. 

DOXA carefully chooses their retail partners for customers to receive service from knowledgeable, informative, and caring staff. 

Thus, DOXA is delighted to announce a partnership with the long-established family luxury retailer, Finnies The Jeweller in Aberdeen.

219-223 George Street
Aberdeen AB25 1HY
Tel: 01224 636632

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