Have a magical Christmas

If you’re planning the office Christmas bash or client event, by now you’ll have no doubt done all the hard work – finding and booking a suitable venue, hiring the caterers, and sending out the invites.

But what about that certain something that makes it memorable – for all the right reasons! That vital ingredient necessary for any successful party: Atmosphere.

Creating the desired atmosphere is always tricky – however, there are a few simple things you can do which will go towards making it a great night.

•          Make sure that everyone is welcomed when they arrive
•          Create spaces for people to mingle and interact
•          Commit to your theme if you have one – a half-hearted attempt will garner the same response from your guests
•          Schedule appropriate entertainment

Jeff Burns and Ivor Smith of Fifth Dimension have been helping create the right atmosphere at events throughout the world for over 20 years.

Ivor said, ‘We specialise in providing magical entertainment that is sure to create the right atmosphere for your event. From close up magic for dinners and mix and mingle style events to shows that are ideal for pre or after dinner entertainment. Whether it’s a large corporate event or an intimate dinner party we have a range of entertainment to suit.’

Jeff added, ‘If you’re having a client event we can also provide Branded Magic where we combine your message with our magic. It’s a great way to connect with current and potential clients subtly reminding them of your product, service and brand as they are entertained.’


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