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Juggling your way to success & better mental health

We’ve all had our hands full over the past eighteen months. It’s been a challenge in terms of work, family life and our mental wellbeing.  

Ivor Smith and Jeff Burns of Fifth Dimension have been working with companies and individuals to help them cope with the challenges they’ve faced. One of the most popular sessions is their Juggling Workshop. Learning to juggle helps to open up conversation around health and wellbeing, looking at new ways of working and the power of juggling to relieve stress. Ivor explained, ‘Over the years we have taught hundreds of people how to juggle from schoolkids to CEOs! When we ask people at the start of the workshop, fewer than 20% believe they’ll be able to juggle three balls. By the end, 80-90% have achieved success. This naturally leads to a conversation about being more open minded and counteracting self-limiting thoughts.’

Jeff added, ‘We find many people really struggle with throwing the third ball. Juggling, is much more about letting go than it is catching. This makes us think about what we might need to let go in life. What’s stopping us from moving forward?

‘Juggling benefits our health and wellbeing. Focussing on eye-hand co-ordination effectively gives the brain a mini-holiday from stress or worry. It’s a state known as relaxed concentration – sports people need to be in this state to achieve great results. It also helps to improve coordination, rhythm and timing. One study even found that juggling causes certain areas of the brain to grow in areas associated with visual motion functions.’

Ivor concluded, ‘Juggling is well worth exploring. It facilitates conversations that move people forward, combines fun and health benefits and it might be simpler than you first thought…with the right coaching!’

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