The E-Type Jaguar, the Burberry trench and the Eames Lounger all show that classic design is worth  investing in, whether it’s cars, clothes or furniture.

You may have a higher outlay, but design classics are built to last and remain in style for decades. It’s a compelling combination of good looks, durability and perfect functionality.

A solid hardwood floor may seem ruinously expensive, but it’ll age well and still look great after fifty years; the odd accident simply adds character. Similarly, choosing a design classic sets your interiors above fashion fads and takes you into the realm of effortless style. To stay current, all you need is a lick of paint and a few new cushions every now and then.

‘Whether it’s a Scandinavian modernist sideboard, or a sofa like the Togo, design classics adapt to changing trends and still stay relevant. Togo for example has been in continuous production since 1973, as at home now in a chilled out TV room or family kitchen diner as it was in a hip and trendy lounge in the 70s. Design classics move with the times rather than standing still’, explained Keith Dargie of Dargie Design.

Look for clean lines, lasting comfort and style that lasts the test of time and design that makes your heart leap every time you see it.

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