Kids today are under more pressure to succeed academically than ever before. They’re also faced with a greater number of barriers in the form of peer pressure, social media and bullying.

Add in the odd disruptive influence in classes and it’s easy to see why many parents choose to use a tutor or additional  education service to increase the chances of exam success, instil a love of learning and lay a path to a wider range of opportunities.

A major study from the Bank of England suggests that up to half of the UK’s jobs could be lost to robots. Sectors such as catering and leisure are projected to lose a massive 77% of jobs to automation, while 73% of sales and customer service jobs will also be done by robots. Competition for jobs which involve creativity, problem solving and high level specialist knowledge, such as lawyers, doctors and engineers will increase, making it harder for this generation to reach their goals without a little extra help.

That’s where boosting your child’s chances by using a tutor or an education service could pay off, increasing confidence, focus and attainment. There are a variety of businesses online offering tutoring in everything from Arabic to Russian, by way of maths, history, primary subjects, philosophy, religious education, music and singing.

Most tutors are current university students, retired teachers or professionals, or teachers that have turned to tutoring. It’s worth asking for recommendations from other parents, but broadly speaking you should look for a tutor who is familiar with the syllabus, has good qualifications, boundless enthusiasm, clear communication and a way of encouraging your child to become inspired by subjects they previously struggled with. A good tutor offers a balance of rapport combined with the ability to command respect and hard work from their pupils.

If you’re looking for a tutor who can boost exam performance, several tutoring companies offer intensive revision sessions in the holidays before exams. Most tutors prefer to work with students for at least four months ahead of exams.

Whether you use an agency or find a tutor by word of mouth, then it’s imperative that you choose a tutor who has been through disclosure checks with Disclosure Scotland and holds a PVG accreditation. Expect to pay around £18-£45 an hour, with most sessions lasting 90 minutes. Most agencies invoice monthly in arrears.

There are also options available for primary pupils, offering help with reading, maths and science subjects, such as Kumon or Kip McGrath. Kumon offer support in maths and English in over 600 centres throughout the UK.

The Aberdeen Kumon Centre is located in St. Mary’s Cathedral on Huntly Street and takes children from 4 upwards. Each child is encouraged to become a confident, independent learner through individualised study. Registration is £30, with a monthly fee of £61 per subject. Children are expected to attend once or twice a week and to complete five other sets of work at home as well.

Kip McGrath have 200 centres in the UK, including Aberdeen, Peterhead and Stonehaven, and use qualified teachers to help build confidence, enthusiasm and skills in both primary and secondary English and maths. As well as weekly small-group classroom sessions, students use an online service to accelerate learning, based on an individual learning plan.

If your child could use a hand to get ahead, consider a tutor. It could be the best investment you ever make on your child’s behalf.

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