Christmas trends 2020

Festive Opulence this Christmas

Charlotte Garvie, owner of the Christmas Decorators, talks us through the trends that will make our homes look gorgeously luxurious this year. From Christmas trees to Christmas garlands, and everything in between, we are starting to see an emerging trend for over the top opulence this festive season like never before.

For most of us 2020 has been a year that we would rather forget with its daily rollercoaster of ups and downs. But now, with less than 100 days to the Christmas countdown, we are starting to look at how we can make the most of what remains of this year and create a magical experience like no other.

Whilst things may still be a bit uncertain in the outside world, our homes offer a cosy haven which we can completely transform; creating fun and lasting memories with our families and friends.

With the cancellation of Christmas markets and events, I think we’ll see more people entertaining at home this year throughout the December period. We are already experiencing an increase in residential decor installs as clients look to embrace the festive spirit and keep the Christmas magic alive.

In some ways Christmas 2020 will be more simplistic than in years past but in terms of decor the main theme that has emerged this year is opulence, and the more of it the better! And what’s more opulent than jewels and precious stones.

Here are three trends that will make your home look amazing.

Emerald & Gold

This is an emerging trend for 2020, known as Decadent Christmas Deco which uses striking colours like emerald or fir green to create an elegant and upmarket background with a traditional twist.

Coupled with golden accessories and motifs such as jewelled deer ornaments and real pine cones, you can marry these two colours stylishly to create a Christmas flair which is reminiscent of the 1920s.

Amethyst &Turquoise

Influenced by the striking architecture and jewels of the Art Nouveau period, the style is glamorous and opulent with rich materials and extravagant accessories, including bold characters such as peacocks.

Mix luxe materials such as velvet, silk and metallics to create depth and colour as a background for peacock feathers and glass ornaments. A move away from the traditional Christmas palette for those who want to go all out on the opulence front.

Ruby & Sapphire

Inspired by European sculpture and painting from the Renaissance this theme takes the regal and luxurious elements of this era and updates them with a contemporary twist through the use of rubies, sapphires and feathers. Elegant and ornate, this theme uses extravagant feathers, a palette of contrasting gems and gold for a touch of luxury which will add texture and indulgence to your home.

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