Charlotte Garvie of Adesso Décor

I live just outside of Banchory with my husband, 7 year old daughter and French bulldog. We have a very busy life! As well as running Adesso, I have a farm with horses and sheep where my parents still live. We have planning permission and are hoping to start building our new home there this year.  

Events have always been my passion. I’ve organised some of the biggest and glitziest dos in Scotland. It’s a year round business. We’re already working on Valentines, Easter and spring just now. We’re getting more and more involved with themed events and event management as our clients’ needs have changed. We aim to provide something a bit different and will try to create experiences that give a wow!

We recently decorated the Royal Yacht Britannia for Christmas and it was super special. They were due a lot of rain so the dry dock had been drained of water, meaning the boat was listing quite heavily to one side which made decorating the trees very interesting!

When I’m not working, I really enjoy being a mum and ferrying my daughter around to her different activities, getting out on long walks with friends and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. My favourite film is The Wolf of Wall Street, I could watch it over and over again and never get bored. I also have to declare my love for Rod Stewart, it has bordered on an obsession ever since my friends and I ended up tagging along with his party in Simpsons in 2001. I was even dressed up as him for my hen party.

I’m a firm believer that local is best when it comes to shopping and eating out. I love the old school service and quality in Finnies. Everything is done properly and the shop is immaculate, making everything sparkle even more. Country Ways is another favourite haunt of ours, great service and lovely collections perfect for life in the country. To eat, there is no better place on a crisp winter day than the Silver Darling. I love watching the boats come and go whilst eating the most delicious food.

All businesses have their challenges and previously, seasonality was our biggest one as we were relying on freelance staff who inevitably would find other work from year to year. Holding on to great staff has been challenging but we now have members of the team who plan their year around our busy times and have committed to being involved. 

I would say my best quality would be my ability to stay calm in a crisis. This hasn’t always been the case but we lost my sister-in-law last year and it really put everything into perspective for me. Something that would have sent me into a panic previously would now be approached with a calm ‘how do we fix this’ way. My worst quality is probably that I’m an open book. I give far too much away about myself even when no one has asked!


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