Alpha Clinic

Meet the husband and wife team Leah and Thanassi Athanassopoulos who own Aberdeen’s Alpha Clinic specialising in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Being united in marriage and business certainly has its advantages…

Alpha Clinic is the first Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic in the North of Scotland. It is conveniently located in the West End of Aberdeen and provides a discrete, specialist service offering advanced surgical treatments to improve appearance and quality of life with minimum down time and advanced techniques.

Leah explains, ‘We met 10 years ago in Edinburgh. We hit it off immediately and have been inseparable ever since. We travelled to New Zealand so Thanassi could take on additional training and then to Holland and Vienna before returning to Scotland. Our boys are three and five now and really keep both of us on our toes!

‘As well as his surgical work at the clinic, Thanassi is an NHS Consultant at
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. He specialises in reconstructive surgery of the face and body after injury and cancer as well as surgery for facial weakness.

Thanassi adds, ‘We’re both involved with the University of Aberdeen too. I’m an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Aberdeen University Medical School and Leah’s a part time lecturer in Counselling for two days a week. Leah previously had her own practice, specialising in relationship counselling, but she has scaled this back to one evening a week.’

‘Luckily we work together well,’ says Leah. ‘It helps that we have such distinct roles. There’s no overlap. Thanassi deals with the surgery and I take care of everything else. We love working together. It’s been really exciting to build a business together and share in both the good times and support each other through the hard times. I think we’d both agree that it’s sometimes difficult to not talk about work all the time, so we have some rules we try to follow. One of them is that Sunday is family day and there’s no clinic talk allowed!

‘Both of us love our work, so it would be easy to get totally absorbed in our jobs and business. We’re both family orientated and spend as much time as we can as a family, whether that’s on holiday, trying to keep on top of the endless piles of laundry the boys produce, or just talking over dinner.’

Thanassi concludes, ‘We already have plans to open a second clinic and have purchased a property in Inverness which will open next year. We have a really wonderful team of staff and nurses and as we grow we will be looking to bring on new team members.’

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