Behind the business

Meet Ainslie and Andrew Scott of Andrew Scott Dental Care…

‘We first met on holiday in the Algarve when I was 11 and Andrew was 16. Our parents became good friends and kept in touch over the years. Andrew moved to Aberdeen when he was 28 and my parents invited him and his mum and dad over for dinner. It was the first time we’d seen each other in 12 years, but we had arranged to see each other again well before the dessert arrived,’ Ainslie explained.

‘Now we have two children. Kirsty is 15 and Cameron’s 11. It’s very much a family business. Kirsty works on reception over the school holidays while Cameron helps in the garden. Even Coco the dog helps out by keeping me company in the office.’

Andrew added, ‘We always planned to have our own dental practice. I’m very meticulous about my work and dislike feeling under time pressure. I wanted a calm working environment where we could offer the most technically advanced treatments and care in a relaxed atmosphere. We now have an amazing team of like-minded dentists, specialists, and support staff. Our patients say they feel calmer and more confident in the treatment that they are receiving.

‘For me, the best thing about working together is the collaboration that exists with us jointly problem solving and working for a common purpose. It is also nice to be able to celebrate workplace victories together and as a family.  We also work in different roles within the practice so it is a pleasure to be able to see each other excel in our own fields.’

Ainslie continued, ‘My advice for couples who are also looking to work together in their own business is that, if it’s possible, divide the responsibilities so that each person is empowered within their role to make decisions. It would be easy to get bogged down if you had to discuss and agree every detail. 

‘We have very different roles within the practice with Andrew being the clinical director and overseeing the dental treatment of our patients. I am the practice manager and therefore responsible for the finances, marketing, staffing and general running of the practice outside of the surgeries. This does mean that when we are discussing our day at work we can both have had very different experiences despite working in the same practice. My background is as an architect which means that I have good experience in project and personnel management which has transferred well into managing the dental practice.’

Andrew commented, ‘Sometimes, we find ourselves speaking about work too much! It’s hard to switch off. The good thing is we can bounce ideas off of each other and discuss issues over a glass of wine which can allow us to come up with solutions to problems which would otherwise elude us.

‘We find it hard to separate work from family time and this was particularly true as we relocated our dental practice into our new premises at 39 Queens Road. Now that the business has settled in, we’re trying hard to set aside family time by planning trips where we can enjoy quality time with our children. 

‘When we’re not at work, we spend a lot of time ferrying the kids to all their activities and try to make all the Scottish rugby matches at Murrayfield. Though being from Northern Ireland, my loyalties are divided during Ireland/Scotland matches!’

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