Family law without the drama

No-one anticipates the need to see a Family Lawyer. It can feel daunting and emotionally draining. Here at Balfour+Manson, we make things as simple and straightforward as we can. We’ve put together these tips to help you prepare and get the most from your initial meeting.   

Understand the cost of your initial meeting.Don’t be afraid to ask how much time to set aside for your meeting and the cost. We offer a fixed fee initial meeting with a solicitor and e-mail summary for £250+VAT.

Write down any specific questions you have. Don’t be afraid to ask them. That way you won’t forget and it helps you make the most of meeting. 

Provide your solicitor with as much information as possible before the meeting. At Balfour+Manson, our Settify portal will guide you through the information we use to get to grips with your situation quickly. We can e-mail a questionnaire if you prefer. 

Try not to worry.Our family law team realise it can be difficult to discuss personal matters with a stranger. We are here to help and not to judge. All aspects of your meeting are confidential.

Think about your ultimate endgoal. Even at the earliest stages of the
process, it helps to have formulated an idea of the outcome you want. Telling us means that our Family Law team’s advice can be tailored you.

Choose the right time for your meeting. Book your meeting on a day when you’ll have plenty of time to focus, and don’t need to rush off somewhere afterwards. 

There is no pressure to make decisions.We never pressurise you to make a decision during an initial meeting. It’s about exploring your options. We‘ll summarise our discussions in a follow up email, giving you time to consider your next steps.

Get in touch to arrange a video or face to face meeting. 

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