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It may be surprising to realise that one of the North- east’s leading family law teams can be found posting on social media, but as Partner Lynne Mulcahy, explained, it’s a great way for clients to find answers to many of their questions about divorce, separation, division of property and assets, child arrangements and a host of other areas. 

‘We were aware of an English solicitor, with nearly a million followers, who provided short social media video clips on family law issues.  We thought this was an excellent way to engage with potential clients and answer their questions, in an easily digestible format.  Scottish Family Law is substantially  different to English and so “The Legal Quines” was born. You’ll find us on TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, posting up to four times a week.” 

Fellow partner, Kirsten Knight commented on the importance of adapting the way they communicate for the clients of today ‘It’s a way of exploring particular questions and issues in an easily accessible, no commitment manner. We know people will sometimes have been thinking about separation or divorce for a while before coming to see one of our family law team at Balfour + Manson. The clips are easily sharable and a number of our clients have come to us because a friend sent them a video clip. As well as providing accurate information, in a way that’s engaging and easy to understand, it means our clients feel they know us and that we understand the issues that matter to them at challenging times in their lives.’

You can follow The Legal Quines on:
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