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Prioritising children during separation

Navigating through a separation or divorce can be emotionally taxing. Family Law expert Isabelle Douglas explains why it’s prudent to obtain advice early, even if immediate action isn’t taken

Although the initial meeting with a Solicitor might be intimidating, these tips can help ease the process:

Determine the exact date of separation as it’s crucial for financial claims and valuing shared assets. This date also impacts when divorce proceedings can begin.

Prioritise your children’s welfare. Contemplate a fair time-sharing arrangement between both parents to ensure their well-being.

Evaluate both your and your partner’s earnings as they play a role in child maintenance and possibly, spousal support calculations.

List all assets and debts as of the separation date, documenting their value and origin. Reflect on any assets brought into the relationship, employment history, and any financial gains or losses during the relationship.

Write down any questions regarding the legal or practical aspects of your situation. Bring a notebook for key points and consider having a trusted friend or relative for support.

Ask your Solicitor for a cost estimate to plan for legal expenses, alleviating financial stress during negotiations.

Acquiring professional legal advice is invaluable during such pivotal  times. Don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation for personalised guidance.

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