Once upon a time… 

Wedding photography has come a long way since our parents’ big day. Whilst traditional family portraits are still part and parcel of many wedding albums, there has been a rise of photography designed around a bride and groom’s own story.

Reportage photography, where the bride and groom’s day is captured as it unfolds, has become a popular choice for many couples in recent years. Blending into the background and taking informal candid shots, a reportage photographer will chronicle your day and capture those unexpected moments that posed photos don’t.

Of course, parents will want a traditional family picture to put on their mantelpiece.  Combining reportage photography with the classic will keep the parents happy and ensure you get the photos you want too.


Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall… 

When sourcing a photographer, look at their online portfolio to get an idea of the style they specialise in.  Found a photographer whose photos you like? Great! Set up a meeting and talk through your wishes with them to make sure they’re right for you.

Your photographer will have snapped hundreds of weddings and will have in mind the types of photos they think your wedding album should have.  Ask for their advice if you’re not sure of posed shots to take, but likewise let them know of anything you don’t want.

Prefer a wide shot rather than a close up of the classic ‘you may now kiss the bride’ picture? Tell your photographer.  Don’t like the bridal ‘tea-pot’ look? Say so. Not a fan of the gazing away from each other into the distance snaps? Speak up!


And they all lived happily ever after…

Memories may fade, but your wedding album won’t, so strike a pose and get the pictures that speak your volumes.

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