The annual ‘Life with Style Awards’

We are so proud of this part of Scotland, our very own neighbourhood in which business and pleasure combine to make Aberdeen City and Shire such an exciting place to live and work. These Awards reflect the fantastic variety of entrepreneurs and innovative local businesses in this neck of the woods, and recognise the people that make them tick.

‘In the economic conditions we currently find ourselves in The Life with Style Awards are a fantastic way for established, new and small to medium sized businesses to shout about how fabulous they are and to show people that the North-east has a lot to be proud of.

They are all about excellence in the areas that contribute to the quality of life people enjoy here in the North-east’, explained Gill Buyers, Trend’s Director. ‘It might be a great hairdresser, the best place to have a cocktail, a fabulous restaurant or a heavenly hotel – the Life with Style Awards celebrate the best lifestyle businesses throughout Aberdeen City and Shire’.

Why should you enter?

There is no entry fee.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and lots to gain.

Your credibility is a significant factor in customers choosing whether they want to buy from you. Winning awards helps hugely with this but so does being shortlisted.

Spread the word that you have been shortlisted on social media. Don’t be shy.Stand up and tell people at networking events. It is a great thing to be noticed for so make sure that people know. Be proud!

The process of submitting any application allows you to look at your business with a different perspective. In providing the answers to get the judges’ attention, you may also identify where you realise there are gaps in the way you do things, prompting you to think about how you might improve even more.

By entering this year you could turn yourself from simply a business into an “award-winning” business. Or even a “multi-award” winning business.

Some awards can be challenging and time-consuming to enter, however, the Life With Style Awards are straightforward and flexible – there’s no excuse not to get involved!

Entering the awards will improve brand awareness, provide great PR opportunities and can help you to win new business and new customers.

A victory is a big confidence booster, but even if you don’t win, entering can help with teambuilding and helping employees feel valued and recognised for their collective efforts.

An award win highlights your expertise. You have a trophy to display and logos to use. Use them to differentiate and make you stand out.

These awards provide external validation and recognition of your success. 

In a competitive environment, for all finalists, credibility in the eyes of current and potential customers is raised.

Even in tough times success should be celebrated.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new business or an established one, everyone is judged on the content of the submission.

This year, there are fifteen awards up for grabs, in thirteen categories:

• Local Retailer of the Year
• Excellence in Beauty
• Best Place to Eat – 3 sub categories

 Restaurants and Bistros
– Coffee Shops and Cafes
– Local Flavours

• Excellence in Hairdressing
• The Creative Award
• Hotel of the Year
• Health and Wellbeing Award
• The Fitness Award
• Best Bar
• The Community Award
• Best New Business
• Trend Readers’ Award
• Lasting Contribution to the North-east’s Lifestyle Scene

Entries open from now until Wednesday 29th March at noon. An independent panel of judges headed up by Karen Molloy, Thorpe Molloy Recruitment and Ken Massie, VisitScotland, selects the finalists and winners in each category. A celebratory evening is held for finalists on Wednesday 24th May, followed by the Awards ceremony, which will be held on Thursday 15th June at Ardoe House Hotel. The Reader’s Award voting is also now open so go online and vote for the business you think deserves to win this category.

Find useful guides and tips and also the registration information at 

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