These days, we’re all used to shopping around online for the best deals in insurance, cars or even our energy bills. We know a little effort can result in significant savings.  Well, now we can do the same when it comes to finding a lawyer.

Aberdeen-based lawyer, Philip Argo, has set up a new internet service called PingaLawyer which provides quotes from specialist qualified lawyers, making it easy to find the best lawyer for your circumstances, whether you need to organise conveyancing, family matters, inheritance matters, wills and trusts, or even a court appearance.

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Philip explained, ‘I realised that many people don’t know where to start when they need a lawyer, and it’s often difficult to get an idea of costs and specialisms. PingaLawyer brings transparency to the process and makes it quick and easy to find the right lawyer. It’s free to use. Not only do you get up to three competitive quotes, but the service is secure and confidential. All the member lawyers are licensed to practice law in Scotland and are regulated by the Law Society of Scotland.

‘It’s the safe and modern approach to finding the right lawyer.’

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