As children, we dreamt of glamorous jobs and dream cars.  We wanted to be cowboys, pop-stars, ballerinas, spacemen, jet fighter pilots, princesses, to have our own pony, be a vet and win LeMans. We doodled long, low-slung convertibles and had posters of screaming yellow Lamborghini and shiny red Ferraris blu-tacked to the wood chip. Ah the glamour!

There’s little call for a ballerina who can handle a fighter jet in today’s job market, but that doesn’t mean all your childhood ambitious should be cast aside. Consider if you will, the Maserati Ghibli – a four-door sports executive saloon which combines breath-taking design and exceptional handling qualities with outstanding performance. It’s practical enough for everyday use; the children will fit in the back and there’s even room for the weekly shop or your golf clubs. The Ghibli appeals to all the senses, making the dream of owning a Maserati more accessible.

In line with Maserati’s long tradition of naming cars after winds, the name ‘Ghibli’ originates from hot and dry, dust-bearing desert wind descending from the interior highlands
of Libya toward the Mediterranean Sea, especially in spring and early summer.


The first Maserati Ghibli, different in concept from today’s car, was launched in 1967 as a two door, two-seater grand tourer with a V8 engine and 330 hp. The Maserati Ghibli II appeared in 1992, with a 2.0 l V6 engine and 306 hp – the highest hp/litre output ever at the time.

Today’s Maserati Ghibli range offers unmistakable class, top-quality performance and a fun – yet comfortable – drive in an eye-catching saloon. There are two petrol models and, in a first for the marque’s hundred year history, there’s even a 275 horsepower diesel variant. All versions of the Ghibli are fitted with the same ZF AT8 – HP70 eight-speed automatic transmission, also installed on the Quattroporte. There are five dedicated shift modes: Auto Normal, Auto Sport, Manual Normal, Manual Sport and I.C.E. mode. The car’s perfectly balanced weight distribution and five EURO NCAP stars in collision testing, make it a joy to drive, safe in the knowledge that it is amongst the top rated performance cars for safety.

While the Ghibli features all the elegance of Maserati’s classic designs, its exterior emphasizes its sporty personality. The side profile is dominated by the swage lines, running from the unmistakable Maserati air vents and – for would-be jet pilots – the interior features a sophisticated and well-crafted cockpit-inspired dashboard design. Key elements such as the 8.4” Maserati Touch Control (MTC) and the optional combination of the finest leather with Zegna Mulberry Silk inserts underline the cabin’s timeless sporting character.. Optional features include the 15-speaker Bowers & Wilkins high end audio system, WLAN based wifi and a wide range of customization options inclding WLAN and Siri, catering for the most demanding individuals.

So, whether you wanted to be a cowboy or a princess, maybe it’s time to fulfil at least one of your childhood dreams. Move on up to a Maserati.

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