When we think about our gardens at this time of year, it’s usually related to dull chores such as leaf collecting and tidying up, but what if I told you there is a rather more exciting garden activity that you may not have discovered?

Imagine that it’s one of those crystal clear evenings, the stars are sparking like diamonds in a pitch blue black velvet sky, and the air is crisp and still.  What new world would you find if, instead of shutting the curtains and sticking on the TV… you get the covers off the outdoor furniture, set up the fire pit and prepare the candles?

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Having togged up, put out the cushions along with a few throws, (there are some wonderful faux fur throws available these days) set the fire, (Firelogs are so easy and no mess) light the candles and get ready to welcome your guests –  the party has started!  Mulled wine, hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows by the fire.  Perhaps some hot nibbles or even get the BBQ going?

We don’t have to be stuck inside every evening during the winter when it’s dry.  It doesn’t matter what size of garden you have, as long as you have somewhere to sit and a way of keeping warm it can be fun!  Scandinavian countries do it so why can’t we? If a fire pit isn’t your thing then there are some fantastic infra-red heaters that can be fitted to walls or beneath large umbrellas or awnings, (which are also a great Plan B for unpredictable weather!) and even around tables.  There are also chimineas,  gas heaters… the choices are endless!

The subtle outdoor up-lighting you may already have will create atmosphere but candles and lanterns add those finishing touches.  Why not complement the scene with a few strands of battery or solar powered outdoor fairy lights too, to get you in the festive mood?

There really is a great opportunity waiting to be taken advantage of in your winter garden, so get those winter woollies out along with the garden furniture and prepare to enjoy your garden all year round!

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