As a Marketing Consultant, I often get asked by business owners, ‘How should I spend my marketing budget?’ This is a tricky question and without knowing about the business, its objectives, resources and budget, it is impossible to answer.

One thing that is common for all, is that pushing during busy times will help to maximise on spend.  But this could be wasteful if the business is not in a position to deliver, so capacity needs to be considered too.

Developing a structured marketing plan will help businesses map out their marketing spend for the year ahead, helping to streamline activity and giving them clear goals to measure.  Businesses should strive to find a healthy ‘Promotional Mix’ that works for them and the only way they’ll know that it’s working, is by monitoring it carefully and doing thorough market research.


Advertising is one option a business may consider to promote itself.  Some traditional mediums can be considered risky, but businesses can reduce this risk by:

> Making sure they are reaching their target audience.
> Thinking carefully about the copy of an advert and making sure the message is aligned with the objectives of the campaign.
> Increasing its shelf-life by using other tools, such as social media.
> Giving it a chance; at least a year. Businesses should remember that advertising can help reach influencers and tomorrow’s customers, as well as today’s.
> Monitoring it carefully using online and offline tools.

Businesses need to make sure that their promise is delivered. There is no point in getting customers to your door if you don’t have the product or service to back it up!

Trend magazine is a great publication and a well-respected brand in the North-east of Scotland. If businesses are in the fashion, retail, hospitality or health sectors, then Trend and its associated promotions and events is definitely worth considering for marketing purposes.

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