Helping couples turn their dreams for their perfect wedding into a reality is what inspired events planner, Heather Angell, to set up Your Planning Angel in February 2015.


‘I didn’t have a wedding planner for my own big day’, explains Heather, ‘and it was a stressful affair from the very start, not knowing what I really wanted and what to book. The worst part was on my actual wedding day where I had to spend a lot of time advising the venue on last minute details instead of enjoying my special day. I wish I’d had a planner to help guide me through the whole process to alleviate the stress and the worry caused.’

Since establishing Your Planning Angel, Heather’s been using her keen eye for detail and her panache for creativity to develop a winning wedding formula for couples around the UK, helping them to lose
the stress but not their style during the wedding planning process.


For Heather, the key to unlocking a couple’s vision of their ultimate wedding is to encourage them to think big. ‘Budgets, seasons, locations and logistics all play a big role in your wedding’, she says, ‘but I always ask my clients to describe to me what their dream wedding would look like if none of those things were to hold them back. From thereon I can prioritise where the budget should be spent to create their perfect day.’


For the novice wedding planning bride and groom, it’s fair to say that a complimentary consultation with Heather could save a lot of money – and heartache.

And for those in the planning stages of their own wedding, what top tips would Heather give? ‘Be organised! Keep all of your suppliers’ details and the service that they’re providing on a spreadsheet.’  And most importantly?  ‘Once you’ve booked your flowers, avoid Pinterest – you’ll only start second guessing your choice!’ 


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