Spiral Supports Next-Gen Sports Stars

Spiral Services, Aberdeen-based provider of standard and bespoke bulk handling systems for screw conveyor and pressure vessel packages, is not only committed to supporting the oil and gas industry, but also the local community in which it operates – especially its youngest members. 

Recently, they have created quite a buzz by donating sport kits to the Middlefield WASPs 2011s football team. And what a team it is, Spiral hopes that Scotland manager Steve Clarke and the national team are prepared – a new generation is coming their way!

Football is not the only sport Spiral Services is supporting this year. The company is also a proud sponsor of Ricky Barrack, an 8-year-old Scottish motocross racer, who in his short career has won several national championships, most recently the 2020 Cumbria MX Auto Championship. Go Ricky #76! 

Let’s hope 2021 brings even more success, and most importantly fun, to all the young athletes! 

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