Local printmaker Martin Nelson’s draws on his fascination with maths and a keen sense of colour to produce bright works that are strong on design…

‘It took me a long time to go to art school. I was approaching 60 when I  graduated with a sculpture degree from Grays in 2007, then I completed a Masters in Fine Art the following year. Now I work from my home studio in Drumlithie and my work is purchased by collectors all over the world.


‘My creative process starts with an object formed in my head. From here, I’ll make multiple drawings that eventually lead to a concrete form – either a sculpture or a print. Nature exerts a continual influence over my work – even the most abstract constructions draw upon theories of growth for their forms. I think of my work as crossing the boundaries between sculpture and printmaking.

‘Much of my work contains a strong geometric aesthetic. Geometry is unyielding in its discipline, there is no compromise, it is whole, complete, it is absolute and yet abstract. For me, numbers are the key to making sense of the world.

‘Some people regard printmaking as the poor cousin of painting, but many great artists of the twentieth century adopted printmaking, especially screen print as their preferred medium. It’s one of the most hands-on artistic processes. I look to stimulate the brain as well as produce pieces that intrigue the viewer.

‘I have several exhibitions coming up this year. Starting with a solo show at Gallery 55 in Stonehaven from 11 March, then a group exhibition at Aberdeen’s NewWave Gallery. Then it’s NEOS and open exhibitions for the RSA and SSA.

My work is also available from Peacock Visual Arts and Holburn Gallery in Aberdeen or directly from my web site. I’m also happy to work to commission if a collector has something specific in mind’.

cowdenstudio@btinternet.com   www.martinrnelson.com

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