As we continue our march towards the promise of better weather, let’s take this opportunity to look at this year’s spring/summer trends.

Green and khaki dominate this season’s palette, but white, grey and yellow also feature. Grey should be used sparingly and in contrast with a brighter hue. Strong colours bring a vibrancy that matches the weather but beware; they are not the most practical choice and need to be managed to ensure they don’t overpower your look. Rather than going head to toe, use them as accent colours, they lend themselves well to accessorizing an outfit.


Use shades of colour to your advantage. They contrast and lend more definition to a look.  With green being the big season colour, consider olives and jades, which suit most skin tones. Teal and turquoise will provide further contrast with hints of blue, and khaki compliments both darker greens and denim.

Given this year’s colour pallete, it should not come as a surprise to hear that a military style features heavily.  Top pockets on shirts and lightweight ‘shackets’ are an emerging trend and a particular favourite. If you like a short sleeve on a shirt, consider a Cuban collar (main image) which will extend that beach look even further.

If you’ve struggled with the slimmer cut trouser these last few years, breathe a sigh of relief.  The wider leg has returned. A wider cut on a chino or similar lighter weight cotton is ideal.  It will even work on a more casual suit.

Jackets should be lightweight. A Harrington or bomber jacket is a sound choice. If the mercury is struggling to rise, then layer up. A denim jacket underneath or a lightweight suede jacket on top is ideal. With the inevitability of rain, the fashion savvy Scottish male’s most practical layer will be a lightweight unpatterned anorak.

Now you’re ready to spring forward in style!

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