Over the years, we’ve fallen for Scandinavian design in a big way, but there’s one interiors trend that we’ve never really adopted in Scotland. That’s the idea of the summer cabin, a rural weekend getaway designed for simple, natural living. From the simplest of shacks to some seriously splendid sites, most of the projects in TASCHEN’S CABINS include costs and architects’s details. It’s a book you’ll return to again and again, thanks to Philip Jodidio’s carefully curated selection of properties which show off -grid needn’t be off -putting. If you haven’t already been pining for a luxe boathouse or tumbledown dacha, Taschen’s gloriously illustrated collection of global retreats cabins will have you browsing Swedish estate agents during your lunch hour.

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More urban than rustic, ROOM , a hefty tome from Phaidon.com, showcases the best in contemporary interiors, drawing inspiration from homes, hotels, restaurants and retail spaces across the globe. From a spectacular bamboo and thatched bar in Vietnam, to achingly hip stores in Japan, where you can’t even fathom out what’s being sold, via Mallorcan homes, Stockholm villas and bakeries where bread is presented as high art, Room is constantly thought provoking. You’ll find some cutting edge ideas for your own home, as well as high-concept notions.


If you’re not up for such a major project, Kelly Hoppen’s DESIGN MASTERCLASS combines practical advice on planning, project management, sourcing materials and budgeting for interior decoration projects. The book is packed with inspirational photos that will help you design your home so that it looks great and suits the way you live. You’ll find lots of expert tips and solutions for detailing with awkward spaces and the practicalities of designing bathrooms, kitchens, home offices, bedrooms, living rooms and much more. F or the price of a roll or two of wallpaper, it could save you from some expensive mistakes.


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