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The advantages of being blessed with a low vocal range were a mystery to vocalist Morag McCall, until she discovered jazz, that is.

A lifetime of singing in school choirs and amateur theatre provided Morag with a taste for the stage, but it wasn’t until 2007 when she attended a vocal jazz workshop led by vintage jazz vocalist Fiona Duncan that she discovered there was a whole genre of music just waiting to be taken on by her dazzling vocals.

‘After that week I was completely hooked,’ she revealed. ‘At last I had found my place. Before I was always grumbling away in the back of the choir, but at the workshop they changed the key of the pieces down to suit me. All of the old jazz songs I used to love.’

Calling on the assistance of a friend with musical training to transpose a number of pieces down for her to extend her repertoire Morag bravely took to the stage in The Lemon Tree as part of the free weekend jazz events for her first gigs, which led her being signed for a number of other gigs.

‘2009 was the big year for me when I really got out there on the music scene, but it has taken until now to get my first album out.’ Launched at The Blue Lamp in June, Maybe It’s Late… saw Morag’s debut album hit the shelves after being recorded in Banchory. ‘The songs that are on the album are all based in the 60s – music I remember from when I grew up and had a connection with.’

You can now hear Morag regularly, as she is establishing a monthly jazz event with Marisha Addison in Aberdeen. Jazz on a Sunday Afternoon at The Blue Lamp will give budding local vocalists the chance to get their voices out there.

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