Miniature painter Jenny Musker may produce some of the smallest works of art you’ve seen, but there’s no doubting she has a huge talent…


Jenny, who combines her work as a scientific and natural history illustrator with a passion for amazing miniature landscapes and wildlife studies, has an unrivalled eye for detail. Some of her works are the size of a postage stamp. All are characterised by their immaculate draftsmanship and brushwork.

Originally from Liverpool, she now lives and has her studio in Peterculter. ‘It’s wonderful to spend so much time outdoors in the Scottish countryside observing the local wildlife. It is a privileged moment when you see an animal in its natural habitat and I love to reproduce it for others to enjoy,’ Jenny explained.

‘I use mainly watercolour, gouache and pencil, since they allow me to work in fine detail. I exhibit locally and internationally and also offer original works and limited edition prints via my website.

‘I have been a member of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers for over 10 years, and will be taking part in their show in London this October.

I’m also fortunate enough to have had my work recognised internationally, winning prizes in several countries. ‘Miniature painting has a long history and is often associated with portraits. Being small and

easily transportable, they were even used to broker royal marriage negotiations after the groom had seen a miniature painting of the potential bride. Miniatures were often used as tokens of friendship, loyalty and love. I like to think that tradition continues when people buy my work as a gift for their loved ones.

‘Outdoor activities play a big part in my painting career. I’m often out with my camera and sketchpad when I’m walking. I never quite know what my next composition will be until it jumps out at me, or I stumble over it!’

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