Although people often speak about the importance of striking an optimum work-life balance, the introduction of smartphones and other portable technologies has created a virtual workplace that can be almost impossible to escape from. For some, the only way to truly leave work behind is to find a hideaway that is devoid of wi-fi and beyond the reach of cellular networks. Keith McDougall of McDougall Mountaineering knows just the place.


As a former Airborne trained British Army Officer, Keith has always found his balance by switching off and escaping into the hills, usually in the Cairngorms National Park.
A fully qualified Mountain Leader and avid outdoorsman, Keith began leading expeditions into the mountains six years ago but only recently decided to turn his passion into a full-time job.

Keith’s business model? To introduce as many people as possible to the wonder of the Scottish Highlands, and not just the well-beaten paths. With enjoyment as a key deliverable, Keith is keen to impart his own enthusiasm for proper exploration of
this vast playground by offering instruction in map reading, navigation and equipment handling.

Guided expeditions for private or corporate groups can be tailored to suit all ability levels with everything from gear to transportation from Aberdeen being supplied. Whether you prefer a straightforward day walk or a multi-day escapade complete with scrambling, fell running and wild camping, Keith’s expertise will ensure that your outing is as safe as it is exciting.

The mountains are nature’s treadmills, but without the membership fees. Trekking can act as a giant reset button – with every bead of sweat shed, so goes a bit of life’s stress.  There is no denying that it is hard work but usually the toughest challenges in life are the most rewarding. Don’t believe me? Just ask any of McDougall Mountaineering’s clients and they are sure to tell you the same.

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