At this time of year, we’re either trying to drop a few pounds to avoid bulging out of our party outfits or in the throes of a New Year healthy eating phase that involves eating more fruit and veg and swearing off having Peanut M&Ms for breakfast. 

Low fat, fasting, vegan, raw, paleo…with over 69,000 different diet and nutrition books listed on Amazon alone, it’s difficult to know where to start, so we thought we’d check out a few of the latest healthy eating and nutrition guides…

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The Chakra Kitchen
Sarah Wilkinson
Subtitled Feed your Body to Nourish your Spirit, the recipes are designed to work in harmony with the Ayurvedic energy centres of the body to help optimise wellbeing. Mystical aspects aside, the fresh and organic vegan ingredients are gluten free, so everything is very healthy. You’ll find everything from soups to salads and curries to cakes, with a useful section on ingredients and Sarah’s approach to healthy eating.

Raw Freedom
Saskia Williams
Saskia Williams has pulled together a collection of raw recipes that not only taste good, but do you good too. Drawing heavily on a vegan approach, this book provides an accessible introduction to eating raw foods without being sanctimonious or too difficult to fit round your lifestyle. Granted many of the recipes require more preparation than grabbing a sandwich at lunchtime, but Saskia’s recipes leave you feeling full, energetic, healthy
and about ten pounds lighter after six weeks.

The SIRTfood Diet
Aiden Goggins & Glen Matten
Set to be the diet phenomenon of the year, SIRTfoods are a recently discovered group of everyday plant foods which switch on ‘skinny gene’ pathways in the body. They help the body to burn fat, increase muscle and improve health, promising an average 7 pounds loss in 7 days with increases in muscle mass, wellbeing and energy.

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