Four firefighters from Central Fire Station in Aberdeen are running the New York Marathon for two causes close to their hearts.

Crew Manager Graham Smith, Crew Manager Kris Malcolm, Station Manager Andy Buchan and Firefighter Ross Urquhart are all running the race in November to raise funds for The Archie Foundation and The Firefighters Charity.

Graham says, ‘Neither Kris or myself have ever run a marathon before, although Ross and Andy have done.

‘We selected the Archie Foundation because my son had a small stint in hospital last year, and I was able to see first-hand what fantastic support the Archie Foundation gives children and their families when they have to spend time in hospital. Also as a watch on Christmas day, we like to visit the kids’ hospital to donate selection boxes that we get from the local supermarkets.

‘As for the Firefighter Charity we always like to help and support injured colleagues and families from around the country. We have all been training for the last couple of months and have booked the Aberdeen half marathon as part of our training.’

If you would like to donate go to

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