A charitable organisation is on the hunt for more professional musicians to join its ranks.

Music in Hospitals Scotland organises 1,800 concerts across Scotland every year, including appearances at Woodend Hospital, City Hospital, Royal Cornhill Hospital and the children’s hospital as well as local care homes. Now they are hoping to bring the sweet sound of music to even more patients.

Fundraising Manager Laura Dancer explained, ‘For people in long term care who can’t access high quality musical events, or other cultural activities, it can be quite a rare occasion to have live music brought directly to them.

‘There are real therapeutic benefits to the concerts and they can help to enhance the well-being of people in care, but also provide the opportunity for a social event with the people caring for them and their families and friends who come and visit.’

She added there were also real benefits of music to people who had had a stroke or those who were living with dementia, encouraging them to sing along and reminisce over old familiar songs. But there are also benefits to younger people finding themselves in hospital, adding, ‘For children, who are maybe in pain or quite anxious about being in a hospital, the concerts can be a distraction and fun experience for them.’

One of the musicians who shares her talent with the small ward concerts is harpist Margaret Knight, who has performed at hospitals and care units across Aberdeenshire for many years. She recently performed a special promotional concert at the Gordon Highlanders Museum to demonstrate her skills to some who had not encountered her bedside performances.

The charity is now on the hunt for more musicians and is holding auditions in Aberdeen on Wednesday 14th October. Anyone wishing to apply to audition should contact Laura on 0131 5565848, email laura@musicinhospitalsscotland.org.uk or visit www.musicinhospitalsscotland.org.uk for more details.

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