Balfour + Manson has a very experienced Family Law team in Aberdeen. Here are their top tips for separating couples…

1.Don’t panic – be patient. Separation isn’t a single event – it’s a journey and it takes time to arrive at your destination. That journey will be a lot smoother if you have the right people alongside you, so pick your professional advisers wisely and get some advice early on, so that any discussions with your partner are focused and productive. We offer a fixed fee ‘initial meeting package’ to enable you to get this early advice, without having to sign up to an ongoing process. This should give you the confidence to approach the separation with clarity on what the options are for you.

2. At Balfour + Manson we advise clients to consider how both parties are going to make decisions about the practical aspects of a separation. Separation doesn’t have to be a battle and it doesn’t even have to involve the courts. Collaboration and Mediation focus on the needs and interests of all family members and help former partners create their own solution to meet as many of those needs and interests as possible.

3. It’s not easy, but try to deal with your former partner in a businesslike way. Remain civilised and try to avoid conflict or personal comments. Don’t vent your frustrations on social media.

4. If there are children involved, try to maintain a positive attitude towards your former partner as a parent. You are separating, but your children are not. There’s no benefit to a child in seeing their parents express anger, resentment and hurt towards each other.

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