Like many of us, I’ve resolved once again that 2015 will bring with it a healthier lifestyle. But no matter how many times I renew my gym membership, I just can’t find the motivation. However there is nothing quite like an incoming fist to inspire action!

At the best of times I can barely throw a ball properly, let alone a punch, so I was suitably cautious about my first Corporate Boxing White Collar class with Sweet Science Inc. I needn’t have worried for I was in good hands. The venture is the joint vision of four times Scottish Amateur Welterweight Champion Andy Craig and business partner Angie Craigie – both of whom have spent more time in boxing gloves than I have in grown-up trousers. They are both qualified boxing coaches, personal trainers and advanced fitness instructors. Together they have established an innovative boxing fitness programme, focused on a friendly and respectful environment. So there was no stomach-dropping moment where I found myself in a ring with someone twice my strength coming at me from all angles. Instead their training programme – based in and around Westhill – centres on the values and principles of boxing – the sweet science.

They certainly did put me through my paces during this first class with a range of exercises, from circuits to squats as well as gentle sparring with my fellow white-collared boxers. The exercise system is designed to enhance fitness levels and heighten the senses while increasing confidence.

It also put my hand-eye-foot co-ordination to the test – and found it somewhat lacking, while working on my core strength. There was variety aplenty, as well as a determination instilled by both coaches to succeed.

Yes, I was rather sore the next day, but it was the pain of knowing I had worked myself that little bit fitter, and I felt all the better for it.


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