Some professionals consider the skills of their trade to be a closely guarded secret, not to be shared with others. But I have always believed that the great among us are those who freely impart their knowledge, confidently accepting that their own talents do not preclude others from sharing those talents as well.


One such person runs a successful floristry business on Holburn Street and has come up with a fresh idea for sharing her artistry. Kim Dalglish and her fantastic team started the Kim Dalglish Flower School eighteen months ago just next door to her thriving shop. Through the school, Kim runs huge variety of workshops – with topics including hand tied bouquets, arrangements, corsage work and even bridal for beginners, designed to turn just about anyone into a budding florist, if only for the night. Several of us from Trend attended a recent class to see if we could unearth our own green thumbs.

It’s straight down to business, armed with everything from floral wire to a stapler, everyone was tasked with creating their own arrangement, to be taken home and hopefully bragged about for weeks to follow.

Over the course of the next two hours, Kim and Sarah offered their expert tutelage in bite-size pieces, providing guidance on design and technique in the same way that a floral display gets assembled, one section at a time. The studio buzzed with the sound of thorns being stripped, leaves being trimmed, and voices enthusiastically encouraging one another. The end result exceeded all expectations – not only was each arrangement beautiful, each was as unique as the person who had created it.

There is little doubt that I will be attending Kim’s Flower School again in future. Aside from the obvious benefits of learning something new, this fantastic night out is so thoughtful, it sends you flowers.

Tel: 01224 592000

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