Talk, Trust, Share

The Talking Space is a new service launched by Counsellor and Psychological Therapist Tamsin Brett, PG Dip PCC BA(Hons). Offering a safe talking space for those seeking an accessible, professional counselling service both online and in-person. Working inside and in the great outdoors in North-east Scotland, Tamsin works with those struggling to cope with life events, experiencing difficult emotions, having issues at work and in relationships. Having worked with NHS Grampian and also gaining further specialised training to work with those who have experienced significant loss, bereavement and past trauma .

Tamsin said, ‘I’m delighted to offer a safe space to those that need some time to work through challenging experiences and make difficult decisions or simply gain peace of mind. I bring genuine compassion and warmth to my work offering a confidential service aiding my clients to overcome personal challenges and meet their own unique potential’.

‘Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen’. Brene Brown

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