Four key life stages to review your life insurance needs…

We protect our cars, homes, pets and even our holidays, but what about our loved ones?

Life insurance is designed to protect your family and other people who may depend on you for financial support – and throughout our life, these dependants may change but the reason to get protected doesn’t. Yes, it isn’t nice to think about no longer being around for those we love but knowing they would be protected financially when the time comes, brings security and peace of mind.

1. Single adulthood: If you have credit card debts, a university loan, or you share a debt, such as a mortgage then having life cover in place can ensure that your debts are paid off in the event of your death, rather than putting that additional burden on those you leave behind. 

2. Getting married: When you marry, you accept responsibility for another life, and shared income and debts. Death will leave the surviving spouse responsible for both; but having life cover in place enables you to contribute to your partner’s financial security after you’ve gone

3. Parenthood: Having adequate life insurance for each parent is critical…raising a child is expensive! Having cover in place for the main breadwinner is important but the value of the role performed by stay-at-home parents shouldn’t be overlooked.

4. Empty nesters: If you have a large estate and are concerned about Inheritance Tax (IHT), then a life insurance policy placed in the appropriate trust can provide a sum of money to pay the tax bill after you die, so that your estate can be passed on in full to your family.

In the UK, Trusts are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Our team of compassionate financial specialists can talk you through how best to protect yourself and your family, whatever your stage of life.

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