Automated, Mobile decontamination unit combats Covid-19

A revolutionary mobile decontamination device, capable of combating superbug microorganisms, including COVID-19 has launched in the North East of Scotland, counting the iconic Ardoe House Hotel & Spa amongst its clients.

Disinfect+ uses HPV (Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour) technology, a mobile vapour generator which mists 30% w/ aqueous hydrogen peroxide to ensure total disinfection to areas and equipment without any residue or damage.

The dry vapour is delivered at high speed, resulting in minimal rest time, and is safe to use on electrical items. Organisations and companies including the Austrian NHS and Sixt Rent a Car have already utilised the Disinfect+ technology, as well as smaller independent companies including Aberdeen’s Embrace Hair and Beauty Salon.

In comparison to fogging techniques, the disinfection process is automated and does not rely upon the human eye. It safely decontaminates inaccessible areas and the most sensitive of materials, including electronic equipment, without the need to move or lift any objects. 

Disinfect + is the essential tool to provide a LOG6 clean environment, free from disease transmission and post-operative infections, which is essential for any business that is experiencing a high footfall of visitors at this time. 

As businesses reopen across the country, they can take comfort in the fact that Disinfect+ kills a staggering rate of 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus, Ebola and Human Norovirus.

Find out more about how Disinfect+ can help your business return with confidence. Call 0345 835 8114 or email

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